The way people work is changing fast. Those who do it remotely can now interact with international organizations from anywhere over the world.

The new challenge for cross-border companies is how to pay people in their local currencies without having a local presence. Our Payout solution helps both ends smooth transaction procedures through local integrations and entities, relieving  our clients from having to deal with local requirements

This is where Payout solutions come into play.

A payout is the act of sending funds to a supplier, a partner or a freelancer and helps merchants by:

The Payout solution offers the following advantages:

The payout process

The merchant integrates with Localpayment and creates new payment

The merchant’s settlement is received
and credited into the merchant’s
account at Localpayment

Localpayment offers payment
methods at checkout
and process payout request

The merchant confirms
payment to the customer

Localpayment confirms the payment to
the merchant in real time

Localpayment executes payout amounts
due to the beneficiary

Payout solutions

Direct API

Our Payout API allows for full customization of the user experience according to the merchant's needs. This solution requires code development on the merchant's website.


Localpayment's Dashboard offers a smooth experience without the need to use any coding at all. Simply log on to your dashboard, check our payout feature and upload our template (TXT, CSV, TXT).


Localpayment is a Ripplenet partner. That means we can receive payment instructions through Ripplenet API, which sometimes makes the integration much faster for merchants who already are ripplenet partners as well.